Demo OCE 14ft Hydraulic Folding Silage Fork

Euro Industrial Bolt on Brackets

Greedy Board Bolt on Extension ( Galvanised )


The chassis of OCE J Range silage forks are of a constructed assembly (rather than traditional box section) that are welded inside and out, giving a very strong beam and pivot point system, to withstand the extra stress the square tines put on the complete fork chassis.

OCE have developed a complete new range of products to save our customers fuel and increase machine comfort by utilising the advanced range of strenx steels.

Key features:

- Constructed chassis; The main beam and the folding extensions of silage forks are built from individual laser cut parts that are welded inside and outside for extra strength

- Square tines; a far superior stronger hard wearing tine beyond conventional round tines

- Folding extensions & hydraulic ram geometry designed to maximise operation of the fork

- Hydraulic accumulator is fitted to ensure folding extensions are constantly under pressure when working especially when pulling in the sides of the silage pit

- Fork designs vary to suit different loading shovels and whether the grass being handled is from a forage harvester or a silage wagon

- Proven strength and reliability with over 10 years experience and forks working on 25 tonne 250HP loading shovels.




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